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The Indigo Willow Difference


If you've taken the time to search for breast milk jewelry providers, you're here because you want the best. By now I'm sure you've noticed that we're different than the rest, but let me tell you why you should go with Indigo Willow for such a precious keepsake investment. 

Our Formula and Process

sceince-behind-our-process.jpgOur formula and process are unlike anything else anyone is doing and is 100% unique to Indigo Willow. Before we began selling our breast milk jewelry creations, we did months of experimentation with our formula and process to be certain that your breast milk piece will not discolor, go moldy, or disintegrate over time. Our formula and process are absolutely the best!

Trusted Name

Indigo Willow is the crème de la crème. Indigo Willow is synonymous with heirloom quality, durability, care, and investment. If you want your piece to last, Indigo Willow is certainly the place for you. Here are just a few things people have said about our jewelry.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love my Clair de Lune ring and heart charm. I cried when I saw them. I'm saving the charm to give to my daughter when she has a baby (in 30-35 years). It's an amazing thing you do. I can't imagine a better way to remember nursing my sweet babies." -Ashie S.
"I have the Celestial Dreams ring and a heart charm and they are absolute perfection! So much meaning into such a tiny thing ❤️❤️❤️ I got it one week before we hit our one year mark of exclusively nursing too! Nursing has been the best experience of my life and I'm so excited to have a piece of the milk that has fed my baby for so long ❤️"  -Marianne B.

Indigo Willow has worked with many companies and organizations, as well, including:

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Original Designs

Don't be fooled by counterfeiters. All of Indigo Willow's designs are original designs. We take pride in the fact that our designs are truly original and started with Indigo Willow. 


Quality Control


Our quality control is phenomenal! We guarantee that your piece will never leave our production floor without undergoing rigorous inspections to ensure the absolute highest quality possible for your custom, hand-made keepsake. Our competitors are quick to point out that their jewelry may have flaws such as bubbles, and other obvious defects. Our jewelry has no such disclaimers; in fact, we pride ourselves on our meticulous methods and perfectionism. We really take our time with each and every piece because we are always aware that what we are working on is precious to the moms that receive our creations. 



Indigo Willow uses the highest quality materials on the market, from the materials used in our unique and proprietary process, to our beautiful, hand-made settings. You can be sure that you will never get a piece that is sub-par because we care about the quality of each and every piece. 


Lifetime Guarantee

Indigo Willow guarantees your breast milk stone for the life of your piece. We know that you want your jewelry to last a lifetime, and we are well-aware that what we are creating is the opportunity for you to treasure your memories over the years. Our competitors are quick to let you know that your breast milk jewelry is only guaranteed for a short period of time, usually 6 months or less. At Indigo Willow, we guarantee that your breast milk stone will not go yellow, moldy, or disintegrate over time given that you treat your jewelry as we recommend.


Customer Supportindigo-willow-customer-service.jpg

Indigo Willow has someone dedicated solely to customer service and support. We answer all inquiries within 24 hours, often much sooner, and we're always easy to be reached for any questions or concerns by phone, by e-mail, and on our Facebook page. We strive to make your buying experience the best it can possibly be and have had positive feedback from our previous customers about our wonderful customer service representative.



Ease of Ordering 

We've received many customer compliments on how easy the ordering process is with us. Our website is complete with trusted technology and an SSL connection to protect your privacy and data while ordering. Once your order is placed, you receive an e-mail to your inbox with a receipt; inside the receipt is instructions on how and where to ship your breast milk to us. It doesn't get any easier than that! 



Organized Process
Indigo Willow has an organization process in place that ensures 100% accuracy when dealing with your breast milk. We are very careful not to mix up your breast milk with that of another mom; Upon arrival, your breast milk is removed from the package along with the customer form that you send with your milk (you receive the form in your e-mail after checkout).  We double check your order number, name, and the items ordered at that time compared with your order in our system. Your milk is then added to a sterile container, and we print a label for your container of milk with your name, order number, the item ordered, and the date your breast milk was received. Your breast milk is naturally preserved at this time for use later and then it is stored alphabetically by last name. We are very organized, so you can be sure that the breast milk jewelry piece you receive is absolutely made using your own milk! 


Thank you so much for considering Indigo Willow to be part  of your journey in the creation of your keepsakes. We look forward to working with  you soon to  create something truly beautiful just for you! 


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