Indigo Willow Payment Plans

With Indigo Willow's totally flexible payment plans, your dreams of owning a special piece of jewelry of your own are now more possible than ever! Below are just a few advantages of our flexible payment plans:

No limit. Pick as many or as few jewelry pieces as you'd like.

No jewelry restrictions. There are no restrictions on payment plans. Any piece of jewelry is available for a payment plan, including our gold and platinum pieces.

Extended payment plans.Take up to 6 months to pay for jewelry.

Flexible payments. Pay for jewelry weekly, biweekly, monthly, or on dates that you schedule. It's completely flexible. 

Low fees for payment plans. Fees for payment plans are 4% of jewelry cost. 

Only a small down payment required. A non-refundable $20 down payment is required at checkout.

Choose how to pay. You get a choice to pay with credit card, debit card, or bank account. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Payment Plans


  • When should I send my breast milk or other inclusion? 

We ask that you send your breast milk or other inclusion materials right away, so that we can file your order. Your jewelry wait time starts from the date we receive your breast milk or inclusion materials.


  • What if my payment plan is longer than your projected wait time? Will I receive my jewelry before all of my payments are complete? 

If your payment plan is longer than our projected wait time, you will receive your jewelry after your last payment has been completed. 


  • If my payment plan is shorter than your projected wait time, will I receive my jewelry as soon as I complete my last payment? 

If your payment plan is shorter than our projected wait time, you will receive your jewelry once we reach your order in our queue. Remember, we start our wait time for jewelry based on the date we receive your breast milk or other inclusion. 


  • Can I pay my payment plan off sooner if I want to? 

Yes, you can pay your payment plan off as soon as you'd like or as late as 6 months.


  • Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. We want to make our jewelry affordable to everyone, and believe everyone deserves to celebrate their own journey with us. We charge a flat fee of 4% of the total cost of your jewelry to cover the cost of operating our payment plans program. 


  • All that sounds great! How do I sign up for your payment plan program? 

Once you proceed to checkout, you'll see a button option in the cart right below the other payment options. Click the option called Layaway and you'll be taken through the process for payment plans. 


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